Why Should Small Companies Use Vertical Baling Press?

Why Should Small Companies Use Vertical Baling Press?


As Piton Makina Sanayi, we have always thought about customer satisfaction. In this news, why do small businesses use baling presses? We conducted detailed research on this situation.

- One of the biggest problems experienced by companies that produce large amounts of cardboard, paper and nylon daily is the space problem. The most important point of his work will be to save a lot of space.

- Every waste produced is actually something that can be evaluated. The pressing process is very important in order to protect nature and order so that it can be recycled more easily.

- If the waste produced is considered a little more commercially rather than as garbage, the pressed materials always gain more value and this value is offered to the market.


If you want to relax in terms of waste, your best tool should be the bale press series of Piton Makina Sanayi company. Our new year and winter campaigns continue. You can contact our company for detailed information.

Hemen Ara