Vertical Baler Press 650 Kg

MODEL: PTN 650 (65TON)

Compressor Dimensions

Height 3,217 m
Width 2,100 m
Depth 1,524m
Weight 1930 kg
Transport Height 2.50 m
Power Source 400 V (three phase )
Engine 11 kW 32 Amp
Compressor Power  Maximum 50 Tons
Noise Level 74dB

Baler Dimensions

Height            1.00 m
Width             1.50 m
Depth             1.10 m


Loading Opening Dimensions

Height             0.883m
Width              1,500 m
Depth              1,100 m


- It is the largest and most productive machine of the Piton series.

- Thanks to the retaining nails, it prevents the material from rising upwards and thus creates a dense bale.

- Professional recyclers or factories that produce large waste use this press.

- It produces 650 kg bales of materials such as paper, cardboard and nylon.

- Thanks to the rear goods ejection injector, a bale is removed more easily.

- With its wide angle and ergonomic design, the bale comes out without falling apart.

- It has an imposing appearance thanks to the materials and engine used.

- Professional service is offered to you with PLC and Manual valve options.

- For additional requests, please contact our company.


Hemen Ara