Vertical Baler Press 60 Kg


Compressor Dimensions

Height 1,980 m
Width 1.04m
Depth 0.72m
Weight 230 kg
Transport Height  1.63 m
Power Source 220 - 230 V  (single phase )
Engine 1.5 kW 13 Amp
Compressor Power  Maximum 8 Tons
Noise Level 72dB

Bale Dimensions

Height            0.800 m
Width             0.70 m
Depth             0.50 m
Weight              60 kg (depends on material used)
Cycle Times 24 sec

Loading Opening Dimensions

Height             0.492m
Width              0.700 m
Depth              0.500 m

- With its compact design, it provides a convenient working opportunity for small businesses in a prosperous sense.

- Our P7 scrap paper cardboard nylon vertical baling presses provide you with a high usage advantage in places with low volume, thus keeping your waste in a more orderly and controlled manner.

- With our simple operating systems, all types of personnel can easily use our vertical bale press.

- It is the most preferred vertical baling press by restaurants, manufacturers, hotels, maritime and maritime companies.

- Vertical bale presses will enable you to earn more income by stacking your waste.

- You can have a longer-lasting machine with our grounding systems and engine protection systems.

- You can provide convenience to your business with the PLC system.

- You can extend the use of your machine thanks to static powder paint and industrial paints.

- Our machines work with 220 and 380 voltage.

- In addition to the warranty of our machines, technical support service is available all over Turkey.

- If you want to get more information about our paper and cardboard vertical baling presses, you can visit our company or contact us at

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Hemen Ara