Vertical Baler Press 40 Kg


Compressor Dimensions

Height           1,694 m
Width            0.718m
Depth            0.630 m
Weight             150kg
Transport Height   1.40 m
Power Source         220 - 240 V Single Phase
Engine               1.5 kW 13 Amp
Compressor Power     Max. 5 Tons
Noise Level         72 dB

Baler Dimensions

Height            0.600 m
Width             0.535m
Depth             0.460 m
Weight              40 kg (depends on material used)
Cycle Times 20 sec

Loading Opening Dimensions

Height             0.490 m
Width              0.535m
Depth              0.460 m
  • Our machines comply with various international patents and all international requirements, including CE and ISO certificates.
  • Among our vertical presses, the most useful and most efficient in terms of price and performance is the paper cardboard plastic press.
  • Our vertical bale press machines comply with 100% OHS safety.
  • Our machines work with 220 or 380 voltage.
  • Hydraulic oil in our Vertical Presses is a gift from our company.
  • We Have Stand by PLC and Motor Protection Systems.
  • We have static and industrial paint systems.
  • Our scrap bale presses are suitable for pressing paper, cardboard, nylon.
  • Our machines have a 1-year warranty.
  • Spare parts support is available for our vertical baling presses and we have services all over Turkey.
  • As a company that sells Turkey's most established and high-quality recycling machines, you can reach us at in case of additional questions.

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