Vertical Baler Press 150 Kg

MODEL: P10 (PTN80)

Compressor Dimensions

Height 2,600 m
Width 1,560 m
Depth 1,030 m
Weight 780 kg
Transport Height  1.955 m
Power Source 220 - 240V  (single phase )
Engine 2.2 kW 16 Amp
Compressor Power  Maximum 20 Tons
Noise Level 74dB

Baler Dimensions

Height            1.00 m
Width             0.975 m
Depth             0.80m
Weight              150 kg (depends on material used)
Cycle Times 40 sec

Loading Opening Dimensions

Height             0.470 m
Width              0.975 m
Depth              0.800 m
  • It is the middle and most useful product of our vertical baling presses.
  • With our simple operating systems, all employees can easily use the vertical paper cardboard nylon press.
  • Fully automatic bale ejection system is available.
  • With its ergonomic design, it ensures that the bale comes out easily from a curved angle.
  • It is a machine with ISO and CE Certificates.
  • A balanced pressure is provided by auxiliary support guides.
  • It is an ideal machine for amateur recycling companies or manufacturers with a lot of waste.
  • Long-lasting use is ensured with grounding and time protection systems.
  • It provides bales by packaging materials such as bigbags, nylon, paper, cardboard, solid waste, plastic, pet, aluminum.
  • Thanks to the retaining nails, the material is prevented from rising upwards.
  • For more detailed information about our machines, you can contact us via our phone numbers or

Packaging Types

Case Studies

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